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Select bimetal band saw blade

Article source:BAOLIN Mar 22, 2023 View: 530

Bimetal band saw blade is a widely used and general and common steel cutting tool. Its high performance is mainly reflected in its material composition.
The sharp gear tips are made by high-speed steel with good performance, and the main body material of saw blade is made by low alloy spring steel with certain toughness and elasticity.
Therefore, the first highlight of the band saw blade is the excellent red hard cutting performance, which can be used for continuous cutting of various types of metal materials.

1. Analyze cutting application
Select the size of band saw blade suitable for sawing machine and understand the material characteristics of cutting workpiece.

2. Select best products focusing on application
Browse the chart to find the recommended name of band saw blade.

3. Select correct gear type (TPI)
Select correct gear type. Generally, the effect of coarse saw gear is better. If it is necessary to cut in bundles, determine the correct gear type based on the maximum continuous cross section.